How to manage the settings of the W’Bal app on ConnectIQ

You’re interested about the W’Bal app, and you have it installed on your Garmin device, but you don’t know how to change the default settings ? You’re at the right place !

You have two ways to change the parameters:

  • Using Garmin Express on a Mac or Windows computer
  • Using Garmin Connect Mobile on an iOS, Android or Windows Mobile smartphone or tablet.

Using Garmin Express

Once you have your Garmin device connected on your computer, Garmin Express will allow you to manage the applications you’ve installed.

On Express, choose your device and click on the “Manage apps” button. You will then see a list of installed or available apps:

apps_on_expressAt the right of the app name, you’ll find a “three dots” button. Click it to be able to change settings:


Edit the settings to fit your values, save and you’re done !

Using the mobile app

You can change parameters on the Garmin Connect Mobile app. In the app menu, choose “Garmin Devices -> Your device”. The you will have a link to manage Connect IQ apps.

Choose to manage “Data fields” and then you should find “W’Bal” in the “installed” section. Tap the app and then choose the “Settings” button. You’ll be able to change settings:


Edit the settings to fit your values, save and you’re done !

What to do when my Edge won’t save the parameters ?

It seems like Garmin is experiencing problems with the parameters on the Edge 1000 or Edge 520 bike computers for Connect IQ data fields… It will be corrected soon (hopefully), but in the meantime, here is a workaround.

If you’re experiencing problem with the parameters on a Edge, you can try the following procedure. You will have to use Express on a Mac / Windows PC, I have not yet any solutions to provide with the Mobile app…

  • Connect the Edge to the computer, and launch Garmin Express.
  • Identify what is the filename of the W’Bal app name on the “Garmin/Apps/” folder on the Edge. In my case here, it’s “F2FEC2F7.PRG“. I don’t know if you will get the same name of a different one:


  • Once you have identified the app name, go into the “Garmin/Apps/Settings/” folder on the Edge. If a file named like the app but with a extension exists, delete that file:


  • When the file is deleted, go back to Express and change the parameters as described above. This will create a new “.SET” file on the Garmin/apps/Settings folder on the Edge.
  • Disconnect the Edge, and check the parameters.

With the W’Bal app, you can easily check the settings as the field will display the parameters (i.e “250|20000” as “CP|WPRIME“) when the activity is not started. You can  also check the Method parameter as the field title will change from “% W’Bal (int)” for integral method, and “% W’Bal (diff)“.

I really hope you have now everything to change the settings of my app, but if for any reason you’re still in trouble, feel free to leave a comment below.

Enjoy your ride!

3 thoughts on “How to manage the settings of the W’Bal app on ConnectIQ

  1. I just configured the app using the GC estimate of 261W 8000J
    I’m kind of puzzled about the latter value.
    In Express the value that was in this field was 20000 and in your image here 18000. Why is mine this low, while I am in the same W region?
    Something wrong in GC I guess?

    1. Found something: my length was still on 0!!
      I’m still ‘a-typical’, 13000J. Maybe because my W were for 60 min.? My age of 62?

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